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Support Group Resources

Spiritual Based Support Groups


Celebrate Recovery




Buddhism-based Recovery 


Millati Islamic World Services


Jewish Addiction Awareness Network (JAAN)


Refuge Recovery Buddhist principles


Alcoholics for Christ


Anonymous Groups


AA Alcoholics Anonymous 


ACA Adult Child of Alcoholics 






Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders ANAD 

CA Cocaine Anonymous 


CLA Clutters Anonymous



CODA Co-dependents Anonymous 


COSA Sex Addicts Anonymous 


CMA Crystal Meth Anonymous 


Chronic Pain Anonymous 


DA Debtors Anonymous 


EA Emotions Anonymous 


FA Families Anonymous 


FA Food Addicts Anonymous

GA Gamblers Anonymous


GROW (promotes mental health recovery on Mondays at 6:30 pm on ZOOM) 


HA Heroin Anonymous 


International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous (IDAA) 


LifeRing Secular Recovery 


PFLAG (loving and accepting the gender-clarified) 


OA Overeaters Anonymous 


PA Pills Anonymous 


NA Narcotics Anonymous


SLAA Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous 


NA Nicotine Anonymous

MA Marijuana Anonymous

Schizophrenics Anonymous


Secular Organizations for Sobriety 


 Self Mutilators Anonymous


SMART Recovery 


Survivors of Incest Anonymous 


Workaholics Anonymous

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