Bridging the gap between mental health providers, addiction recovery professionals and the faith community through collaboration and education.

Our goal is to educate, empower and equip faith leaders to play a part in mental wellness and addiction recovery in their communities.
We strive to build trusted relationships with providers of these services in order to encourage the incorporation of spirituality into all levels of treatment. 

“Where there is no guidance the people fall,
But in abundance of counselors there is victory”
-Proverbs 11:14 NAS​

So often people sitting next to us in a pew, working in the next desk or living next door are struggling. Depression, addiction, trauma affect so many people in our society, but few get help. No matter if we are lay leaders, clergy, or mental health professionals, if we don’t reach out to help, there is a chance of suicide, overdose, or other harmful results.


For those that seek help from faith leaders, there is often a lack of knowledge about resources. For people that find a counselor or therapy program, spiritually is often missing with God left out of the healing process. 

Bridging the gap between mental health and faith

About the 

Spiritual Care Network

The Spiritual Care Network is an integration of the spiritual, therapeutic, and recovery communities. The Spiritual Care Network meetings bring together professionals and faith leaders. Attendees are a diverse group from a variety of backgrounds and denominations that meet monthly in locations across Texas. Meetings have great speakers, time to network, and announcements about other industry events. Please invite your colleagues and bring cards and marketing materials.


Lunches are provided by our generous sponsors. Hosting lunch is a great way to introduce services to the industry and build relationships in the community. Sponsors get extra time during the meeting to present services and promoted on email blasts and social media. If you are interested in supporting a meeting, please contact the leader in your area.


Leadership Board

Eric Ayles - President
Board President
Brooke Martin - Treasurer
Board Treasurer
Janelle Martin - Board Secretary
Janelle Martin - Board Secretary
Kim Livesay - Chair of Professional Education
Kim Livesay - Chair of Education
Jamie McKibben - Chair of Communications
Jamie McKibben - Chair of Communications
Lisa Veneralla - Chair of Spiritual Outreach
Lisa Veneralla - Chair of Spiritual Outreach
Gary Cochran - Dallas SCN
Dallas SCN
Charles Luke - Tarrant County SCN
Tarrant County SCN
Ginger Garcia - San Antonio
San Antonio SCN
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Thank you to our awesome sponsors!

Contact Eric Ayles for sponsorship opportunities. SCNmeeting@gmail.com

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